Admission Process

The admission process for classes Kindergarten to 10th starts in March. As our academic year is from August to May, Students admitted in March will attend special coaching classes for two months before / in summer vacation. These classes have been specially design to improve their English language and Matematical skils so that they can easily start our syllabus in August and are par with rest of our students.

Admissions at Myer's are limited and highly competitive as only 24 students are accommodated in a section and each class has only two sections. Its easier to get a child admitted in the Pre-school(ages 2-4) as there are very few seats available in higher classes and most of the times applicants have to be put on a waiting list.

Steps to get Admission

  • Obtain Myer's College prospectus from the Information Desk and go through it
  • Fill in the enclosed forms and attach required documents(i.e. ID Card, photos, Birth Certificate etc).
  • Get registered at the Admission Office by submitting the application forms alongwith the required documents and registration fee.
  • Arrange an interview and test with the admission office.
  • Get your child interviewed and tested.
  • If your child passes the test, he/she will be admitted. Pay admission fee and obtain an admission number. Complete his/her file as instructed by the office.

Age For Admission

Our academic year starts in August and ends in June.

Pre School
Class Name Age
P-1 | Montessori 2+
P-2 | Nursery 3+
P-3 | Prep 4+
- -
Junior School
Class Name Age
K-1 | One 5+
K-2 | Two 6+
K-3 | Three 7+
K-4 | Three 8+
Preparatory School
Class Name Age
E-1 | Five 9+
E-2 | Six 10+
E-3 | Seven 11+
- -
Senior School
Class Name Age
A-1 | 12 16+
A-2 | 13(A-Level) 17+
I-1 | 11 16+
I-2 | 12(F.Sc) 17+