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   ELI stands for English Language Institute and is one of the vital organs of Myer’s College Chakwal. Primarily, it aims at providing not only students, but also teachers with immensely creative and precise linguistic assistance. As Myer’s College is an O level college, being proficient in English is a must for students, faculty and even staff. Established in February 2006, it has played a pivotal role ever since in bringing about innumerable constructive changes in the realm of English both at speed and in style. Students as well as teachers have been benefitted handsomely since its inception and it intensely intends to help everybody enrich communicative competence, sharpen linguistic understanding and also chisel written communication skills far more elegantly in days to come. Because of having all essential teaching paraphernalia, ELI has done its job superbly. Another striking feature of this institute is the appointment of a competent director to head ELI with a view to meeting the fast-growing challenges with pragmatism. In a nutshell, ELI is an institution to help one learn English in the most befitting manner and with extraordinary versatility.

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