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   We believe that the education system of our country requires a major overhaul. While leaving that task to the government we have decided to adopt a hybrid of British and American Systems of Education. Hence, we not only prepare for O level and A level exams administrated by Cambridge University; but also for T.O.E.F.L and S.A.T that are required for the admission to the American Universities.

   Our educational sysytem facilitates the development of the following academic skills in a child, which are so essential to compete in 21st century. Acquiring these skills makes studies simple and straightforward, and, once a student aquires these skills he/she never faces any problem throughout his/her academic career. The best test for these skills is the Cambridge School Certificate examination (O level), which is not only internationally acceptable but also the most credible examination system in the world.

   Once a student develops this skill, he/she is able to read and understand any topic or subject without any guidence from a teacher. This skill is so essential because unless a person understands a problem, it is not possible to solve it. We start developing this skill from day one at our pre-school and once our students reach the Cambridge school certificate level he/she can read almost any text and comprehend it with dexterous ease.

Logical Problem Solving
   Once a student understands a problem he/she must have the ability to analyze and solve it using logic. Our educational system promostes this skill as from the very begining we make our students solve unseen problems (i.e problems they have not encountered before). By the time our students reach O Level, they are so proficient in this skill that they can easily solve any unseen problem in Maths, Physics or any other dicipline for that matter.

Original thinking or innovation is a key to success in the modern world. We develop this skill in child not only though our fine arts department but also through our linguistics department. Our students compose sentences and then essays on unseen topics and keep on developing this skill throughout their academic careers. An average student in our senior school can easily write an any unseen topic.

   However, Education at Myer's doesn't just mean academics. Like most public schools our aim is to groom individuals with well rounded personalities. Hence, our educational system focuses on developing the following traits


   Our small class size, a wide range of extra curricular and sports activities and moral training classes help improve the above-mentioned skill.

   Our examination policy is very straightforward. We are not interested in testing a student's memorizing ability. In its stead, we examine the skills acquired by our student. The skill level of our students keep improving year by year untill they reach O level, which is the real test of their skills as they get tested by the University of Cambridge International Examination Syndicate and against brilliant brains from around the world.

Semester System
   we have adopted semester system. There are two semesters in an academic year. Fall semester begins after summer vacations in August and ends in December. Spring semester begins in January and ends in May. Two sub tests and one midterm test are held in each semester. The main problem with the annual system is that, the result depends only upon the final examination so the students slack throughout the year and start studying just before the exams. Hence, we have decided to opt for the semester system, which has proved so successful and beneficial in the United States and other developed countries. In semester system grade depends on the student's performance throughout a semester. It reflects a student's performance in sub-tests, quizzes, homework, projects and final exam.

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